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30-Day Get Lean Challenge

Do you want to build muscle and gain power endurance? Burn body fat and get lean?

I was given a challenge by star NBA Strategic Skills Coach Drew Hanlen — work with Drew to get him lean and fit, in 30 days. And I did. Drew got lean, gained strength, increased his power endurance, and more.

Now I’ve made the program that I designed for Drew available to you. It’s called the “Athlete For Life™ 30-Day Get Lean Challenge.”

30-Day Get Lean Challenge

What’s included in the 30-Day Get Lean Challenge:

Workouts with on-demand video instruction for:

  • 10-minute Dynamic Warm-ups

  • 5-minute Plyometric Circuits

  • 35-minute Progressive Power & Strength Circuits

  • 5-minute Metabolic Conditioning Circuits

In addition, you’ll also receive a guided:

  • Self-Myofascial Release Routine

  • Weekly Cardiovascular Program with a fat burning emphasis

  • And a Post-Workout Cool-Down Stretch Routine to help you better regenerate and aid in your recovery so that your readiness is peaked for the next session

NBA Skills Coach Drew Hanlen

NBA Skills Coach Drew Hanlen


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You’ll receive, for free, the Advanced Athletics Sports Nutrition e-book that includes a sample meal plan with easy recipes that you can follow. This book will teach you how to use food and supplementation to support your training and athletics.

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Why the Get Lean Challenge workout is so effective:

The explosive combination of plyometric and strength exercises challenges your core to stabilize in athletic positions, while loading your fast twitch muscle fibers to generate power and strength repeatedly. It can mimic the repeated effort that would be applied throughout a game situation. You build stamina with your strength and power.

How the Get Lean Challenge will help improve your athletic performance:

Utilizing this particular circuit style of training is one of the most effective and efficient tools to:

  • Build power endurance

  • Build muscle

  • Burn body fat to get a lean athletic body

  • Condition athletic functional patterns for sport

  • All without pounding the body’s joints, like so many other approaches

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Adam Friedman and Drew Hanlen

Drew Hanlen’s Results:

  • Lost 20 lbs to get back to his playing weight when he was in college

  • Attained six-pack abs

  • Learned and improved his ability to perform with proper exercise technique

  • Improved his posture

  • Enhanced his breathing mechanics for improved recovery

  • Gained strength in his upper and lower body (especially)

  • Improved his power endurance

  • Increased his ability quickly explode from the ground

  • Learned how to eat properly for performance and fat loss

  • Improved his flexibility and mobility in his ankles, hips, and shoulders

If, like Drew, you’re committed to your health and well-being, improving flexibility, endurance and longevity, no matter where you live, you too can be an Athlete For Life™.

What’s Required

To complete the 30-Day Get Lean Challenge, you’ll need some basic equipment (the complete list is included with the program) and a commitment in terms of your time:

Three days per week for the strength training program:
Week 1 – 90 minutes to 2 hours per day – you’re learning new exercises and getting into the flow of the routine
Week 2 – 60 to 90 minutes per day
Weeks 3 and 4 – 60 minutes per day

Three days per week of cardio:
30 minutes per day

Seven days per week of the stretching routine:
30 minutes per day


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