the number one mistake you make when you stretch

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Fitness Expert Hip Stretch

The goal for any isolated stretch you do should be to relax the target muscles and restore them to their optimal length. The goal is to promote the full range of motion of a target joint or joints. Your muscles can then deliver their full force potential with every contraction. And do so with the least risk of soft-tissue or … Read More

video: common mistakes 01 – bad form

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Hey Athletes! Your coach Adam here with the first installment of my new Common Mistakes series – this one is dedicated to Bad Form. I’ll go over why form is so important, what you can do to improve yours in general, and some specific examples of how to fix the bad form exercises I see most frequently.     In … Read More

12 ways to get ahead of injury, and stay there

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Adam Friedman Fitness Expert Advanced Athletics Athlete For Life Mobility Leg Stretch

Proactive: taking action to produce a good result or avoid a problem, rather than waiting until there is a problem. Sit with that definition for a moment, and consider how it applies to your approach to your body. For you high performing athletes, being proactive defines your mindset and the follow-through you need to achieve long-term success. It’s how to … Read More

video: kettlebell basics – the 6 exercises to master

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I’m here with my latest video to give you a basic overview of working out with kettlebells. I’ll go over some do’s and don’ts and demonstrate the 6 best basic kettlebell exercises that every beginner should refine before graduating to complex combinations and flows. In case you’d like to revisit anything, here are the times/links: *Please note: they’ll open up … Read More

the missing x-factor for most athletes: search and rescue mobility (sarm)

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Search and Rescue Mobility Program Lumbo Pelvic Hip Stretch

Since 1996, I’ve worked one-on-one with professional and Olympic athletes across disciplines. As a sports performance coach, the experience allowed me to grow further in my craft than I could have ever imagined. Over this time, I’ve learned the important things that all successful athletes have in common. And I want to share one of the most valuable lessons with … Read More

4 ways to relieve lingering muscle tension

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Fitness Expert Demonstrates Rumble Roller Self Myofascial Massage For Mobility

Have you ever noticed that after you finish training, the muscles you worked feel ‘tight’ for a few minutes? This tightness happens because there is residual blood volume that’s pumped into your working muscles. The additional blood flow helps to transport oxygen and energy substrates (nutrients) in, while moving waste out. And it results in the stretching of local tissue … Read More

your opposing muscles: how you’re losing the game of tug-of-war

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Athlete For Life SARM Hamstring Stretch With Band for Mobility

A hallmark of any high-level athlete is their capacity to perform with fluidity of motion in their chosen sport. These athletes exemplify outstanding: Strength Explosiveness Body control (i.e. grace) Appearance of effortlessness It’s what you and I are striving for on our journey to be an Athlete For Life. To achieve that fluidity of motion you must have synergy between … Read More