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Programs are available to anyone that has the desire, the dedication, the time, the means, and the willingness to follow through with our system. Because the process in the beginning involves a period of experimenting with the best way approach with new clientele, we ask for a minimum verbal agreement to complete the first phase of training (up to 8 consistent weeks).

Advanced Athletics Services are as follows:

Assessment and/or Consultation in-office (90 min) $150

All other service prices below are discussed during the consultation/assessment session.

  • Strength & Conditioning @ Gold’s Gym Venice (hourly)
  • Strength & Conditioning @ Gold’s Gym Venice (90 min)
  • Strength & Conditioning @ Gold’s Gym Venice (30 min)
  • Strength & Conditioning @ Outdoor Location (75 min)
  • Strength & Conditioning @ home/on-location (75 min)
  • Partner Training is available at time and a half.
  • Manual Therapy in-office (hourly)
  • Manual Therapy @ home/on-location (hourly)
  • Program Consultation in-office/by phone (hourly)
  • V02 Cardiovascular Assessment
  • Sports Mental Coaching in-office/by phone




  • All sessions are paid in advance.
  • All training session packages expire three months from the date of purchase.
  • All manual therapy packages expire six months from the date of purchase.
  • All cancellations require a 24 hours, otherwise the session is counted against the package at the full rate.
  • Training Time Holdings are 25% of session rate per day while traveling.

About Advanced Athletics

Adam FriedmanAbout UsLeave a Comment

Advanced Athletics LogoAdvanced Athletics, Inc. (AAI) specializes in
strength & conditioning, and nutrition for physical
and prevention. We are available to
consult and
train individuals or groups on how to

be at their
best through living a holistic healthy lifestyle.
AAI has established, through its philosophy, a program
that fits everyone, no matter what the goal is. Through over 15 years of dedicated research on performance enhancement technology we are confident in our comprehensive programs. Advanced Athletics performance enhancement system offers one of the safest, most effective and efficient methods to reach your physical and performance goal.