10 tips to beat soreness

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Mohammad Ali said it best…“float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”.   That is the ready state feeling of any athlete who looks to excel in their performance.   …Ready for action.   …Ready to compete with your best self.   …Ready to dominate and earn the MVP award.   …Ready to be SORE? Umh…no thanks!   If … Read More

two stability fundamentals to improve your overhead press strength

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There’s a quote I love to recite to my students when teaching fundamentals of strength for an overhead press. The quote is this: “you can’t fire a cannon out of a canoe”, by Charles Poloquin. It’s not hard to imagine what would happen in this scenario. The canoe would be thrust backward, and the cannonball would land well short of … Read More

activations: your must-do pre-activity ritual, part 2

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It’s sad but true. I’ve seen too many examples of top athletes who suffer career devastating injuries. I’ve also seen as many examples of high achievers, like you, getting sidelined for the same reason. Don’t fall victim to what you can avoid. I want you to get that the risk and severity of potential injury is within your control. It … Read More

3 ways timing can kill your results

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The first question most people have when they start working towards a goal is “how much time it will take?” This is especially true when it comes to fitness, and almost always comes up as soon as I begin with a new client who has ambitious goals. My job is to make sure we set realistic expectations from the get-go. … Read More

(Video) Do NOT Make This Mistake In Building Strength and Speed [how to avoid]

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 Ignoring the proper functional progression is a recipe for lackluster results, and potential injury  🙁 So if you’ve hit a plateau, or hit some injury road bumps in your strength and speed training, then you may have been a bit overzealous and did not pay enough attention to maintaining your Foundation.  It’s what allows for the strength and coordination … Read More

5 Nutritional Steps To Improve Your Training Performance

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When it comes to seeing progress from your workouts, nutrition is easily up to 75% of the game. Get your diet wrong and it won’t matter what you do in the gym, your performance won’t be moving forward as you had hoped you would. The great news is that fixing your nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. Using some proven … Read More

Run Twice As Far With No More Pain

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If you’re focused on really getting into shape and looking great, then you probably know running to be one of the most effective cardio workouts to get fit and lean. The problem is… if you’re like most people, you haven’t been able to get comfortable enough in your run to build the physical conditioning that you want.   Has your … Read More

Avoid Over Training and Career Ending Injuries With These 5 steps

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It’s been said that in life over-ambition can sometimes backfire.  This happens often with many athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are so driven about achieving amazing results that they lose themselves in exercise and end up in a constant state of being broken down and risking injury.  As a health professional, I witness this condition of overtraining all to often … Read More

Training for Sports

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One of the key components of success for an athlete is a Strength & Conditioning program focused on performance and prevention. Improving performance is the obvious overall objective in sports.  But participating in sports increases the chances of being injured, either through physical breakdown, or contact. So a major responsibility of an athlete or a coach is to reduce the … Read More