the number one mistake you make when you stretch

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The goal for any isolated stretch you do should be to relax the target muscles and restore them to their optimal length. The goal is to promote the full range of motion of a target joint or joints. Your muscles can then deliver their full force potential with every contraction. And do so with the least risk of soft-tissue or … Read More

your must-do pre-activity ritual, part 1

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In last week’s message, I shared three nightly stretches for you to try. So how’s it going?  Have you started to form a new, body-loving ritual? In a perfect world you’d be batting seven for seven, 52-weeks per year. But, as we all know, the world is less than perfect. And that’s okay. Don’t let a missed day or two … Read More

3 ways to give your age the middle finger

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Remember years ago, that age you feared turning? You had a belief that when you reached it, you’d officially be “over-the-hill?” Well, for me that age was 45 which is what I turned today. When I was 25, I didn’t know that I could continue to be youthfully athletic, strong, and lean in my mid-40’s. That’s because I didn’t know … Read More

(Video) How To Stretch To Become Stronger, Faster and Pain Free [7 Guidelines]

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In the video above I’m going to give you 7 stretching guidelines that will ensure a more effective, efficient and pain-free way to improve your flexibility. Pain-Free Stretching The main take home point of this article is that PAIN during stretching should NEVER be part of the program because it’s a sign that the body’s internal defense mechanisms of your nervous system are … Read More

Isometric Stretch for lower back in 30-60 seconds!

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Does your lower back hurt you at different times of the day? As a personal trainer in Venice, I constantly meet people of all ages who are suffering from lower back pain. If this describes you, your body may be telling you that it’s time to do some Isometric stretching of the hip flexors (Ilio-psoas). Anyone with lower back issues should … Read More

Guidelines for Better Stretching

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Hi, it’s Adam…would you stretch more often if it weren’t so painful? For many of us, the major deterrent to making stretching a habit has been the immediate pain or high level of discomfort felt while stretching. Stretching should be pain-free and can easily become something that you look forward to doing by following a few of the methods I’ll … Read More

Stretching 101

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Hi, Adam here, if you Include just 15-20 minutes of stretching each day you can create a dramatic improvement in how you look, feel, and perform everyday. However, making the time to stretch has generally fallen low on the priority list in our every day lives, even for many fitness enthusiasts. However, if you have been consistent with stretching, you … Read More