4 ways to relieve lingering muscle tension

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Fitness Expert Demonstrates Rumble Roller Self Myofascial Massage For Mobility

Have you ever noticed that after you finish training, the muscles you worked feel ‘tight’ for a few minutes? This tightness happens because there is residual blood volume that’s pumped into your working muscles. The additional blood flow helps to transport oxygen and energy substrates (nutrients) in, while moving waste out. And it results in the stretching of local tissue … Read More

your must-do pre-activity ritual, part 1

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In last week’s message, I shared three nightly stretches for you to try. So how’s it going?  Have you started to form a new, body-loving ritual? In a perfect world you’d be batting seven for seven, 52-weeks per year. But, as we all know, the world is less than perfect. And that’s okay. Don’t let a missed day or two … Read More

(Video) How To Stretch To Become Stronger, Faster and Pain Free [7 Guidelines]

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In the video above I’m going to give you 7 stretching guidelines that will ensure a more effective, efficient and pain-free way to improve your flexibility. Pain-Free Stretching The main take home point of this article is that PAIN during stretching should NEVER be part of the program because it’s a sign that the body’s internal defense mechanisms of your nervous system are … Read More