video: half kneeling psoas stretch 1.0 with pillar press

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics SARM Half-Kneeling Psoas Stretch 1.0 with Pillar Press

Hi athletes! Now that you’re up to speed on the 6 ways to focus your efforts when you stretch (if you missed it, I encourage you to take the time to go back and read), I wanted to share this “Half-Kneeling Psoas Stretch” with you. This exercise is great for learning how to lengthen and relax a tight ilio-psoas (AKA … Read More

how your joints play a game of hide-n-seek & how to win

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Adam Friedman Fitness Expert Athlete For Life Joint Health Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Stretch

Without a doubt, hide-n-seek is the most popular children’s game…ever! Why? Because we all love attention. And the game is a fun way to give it and receive it. It’s a WIN-WIN! But the game stops being fun when the underused joints in your body play hide-n-seek with you … or without you. Your dysfunctional joints are starving for your … Read More

why you need to work on your single-leg balance

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Adam Friedman Personal Trainer Advanced Athletics Athlete For Life Single Leg Balance Exercise

Your single-leg balance (SLB) is essential to your performance in sports and in your everyday activity. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked and undertrained by most athletes. So it’s easy to miss all they ways your body might be compensating, and increasing the risk of injury. Does this sound like you? SLB is something I test on every athlete I work with. … Read More