video: half kneeling psoas stretch 1.0 with pillar press

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics SARM Half-Kneeling Psoas Stretch 1.0 with Pillar Press

Hi athletes! Now that you’re up to speed on the 6 ways to focus your efforts when you stretch (if you missed it, I encourage you to take the time to go back and read), I wanted to share this “Half-Kneeling Psoas Stretch” with you. This exercise is great for learning how to lengthen and relax a tight ilio-psoas (AKA … Read More

the number one mistake you make when you stretch

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Fitness Expert Hip Stretch

The goal for any isolated stretch you do should be to relax the target muscles and restore them to their optimal length. The goal is to promote the full range of motion of a target joint or joints. Your muscles can then deliver their full force potential with every contraction. And do so with the least risk of soft-tissue or … Read More

5 tips to master any new exercise

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Athlete For Life 5 tips to master any new exercise

I know that performing any new exercise right is important to you. That’s why applying all of the nuances in terms of technique and execution should be top-of-mind when you’re working out. It’s what separates mediocrity from mastery. With that said, I’ve seen what happens when someone tries to be flawless too soon. They attempt too many things, all at … Read More

your must-do pre-activity ritual, part 1

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In last week’s message, I shared three nightly stretches for you to try. So how’s it going?  Have you started to form a new, body-loving ritual? In a perfect world you’d be batting seven for seven, 52-weeks per year. But, as we all know, the world is less than perfect. And that’s okay. Don’t let a missed day or two … Read More

the stretches you should finish with tonight, and every night

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This is quick note from me to you about when and how you should stretch. To start, here are the best times to stretch in IMPROVE your flexibility: Before bed After practice After your workout After a competition It so happens that these are also times when we least feel like putting in the effort to do so. We’re already … Read More

(Video) Reduce Knee Pain and Prevent Injuries With These 4 Tips I Use On The Pro’s

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Watching this video will help you to get started down the path of relieving your knee pain, and preventing it in the future. First and foremost Make sure to get evaluated by your physician. If your knee pain is a result of something that requires surgery, then it’s best to make sure you get the help you need from a medical doctor, sooner … Read More

(Video) How To Stretch To Become Stronger, Faster and Pain Free [7 Guidelines]

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In the video above I’m going to give you 7 stretching guidelines that will ensure a more effective, efficient and pain-free way to improve your flexibility. Pain-Free Stretching The main take home point of this article is that PAIN during stretching should NEVER be part of the program because it’s a sign that the body’s internal defense mechanisms of your nervous system are … Read More