3 steps to retrain your breathing to handle stress

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Do you find yourself panting or light headed right after doing a challenging exercise? If so, don’t rush to judgement in thinking that your cardiovascular conditioning is to blame. There’s a good chance that you’ve unwittingly conditioned yourself to hold your breath under high stress. The clear lack of oxygen exchange leaves your muscles and brain starving for fuel. But … Read More

10 tips to beat soreness

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Mohammad Ali said it best…“float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”.   That is the ready state feeling of any athlete who looks to excel in their performance.   …Ready for action.   …Ready to compete with your best self.   …Ready to dominate and earn the MVP award.   …Ready to be SORE? Umh…no thanks!   If … Read More

how to know if your nutrition is working for you: part 2

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According to the dictionary, an experiment allows you to: Make a self-discovery Test a science-based theory on your body and lifestyle Prove a known fact’s relationship to you and your goal Each of these possible outcomes stands out as an opportunity for you to move closer to having what you want. Because you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t so … Read More

3 steps to get back your summer swag

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Athlete For Life 3 steps to get back your summer swag

When summertime arrives, are you going to end up wishing you had spent more time and energy getting in the kind of shape that you’re proud of? The kind of shape where the thought of a day at the beach with your buddies or your neighbor’s pool party doesn’t immediately freak you out. You’re not going to let that happen … Read More