Advanced Athletics provides you with the nutritional education, meal planning, and lifestyle coaching so that you can achieve sustained results. Who doesn't love that?!

Our meal planning system is centered on your lifestyle, your goals and the powerful science of blood sugar stabilization.

It starts with understanding how your body works, and then the tools to make it work optimally for you!

While other programs create a cycle where you lose weight and then gain it back time and again, we will teach you how to keep it off permanently, all while feeling great and enjoying the foods you love.

This Program was developed as a solution for anyone who is ready to make eating healthy a priority, get the edge in his or her daily performance, and look better overall.

In our lives, we have all been influenced, one way or another, about how to eat from our parents, friends, coaches, doctors, books from experts, and so on.  This sometimes-conflicting information has resulted in poor choices about the types of food, how much food, and how often we eat, thus giving us the results that we now have.

Do you want a different result? If you do, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer a program which is based on blood sugar stabilization, and has been proven to work for all body types, individual needs, and personal goals.

Advanced Athletics’ focus in working with elite athletes for over the past two decades has been to learn what it takes to for them to operate on the highest levels everyday against the toughest conditions. With this information we are able to create a formula that works for everyone’s benefit.

With this program we provide a simple solution to performance nutrition, by taking the guesswork out of the process. With our comprehensive assessment we determine the best program that suits your present condition, personal goals, and lifestyle. We make it easily accessible so no matter where you are, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can find or create a meal that works.

I have found that the major difference in the results that our clients get occurs when they strongly commit themselves to their optimal nutrition. They see and feel immediate results in their energy levels, strength, and focus. Whether their goal was do add lean muscle or drop excess body fat, there is a dramatic difference over a course of weeks, as opposed to months and years.

Eating healthy is a powerful way to boost your performance in anything you do and give you the edge in everything you do. Your personalized Nutrition Program will deliver that edge.

That is our guarantee.


*results may vary based on commitment, nutrition, and health

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