30-Day Get Lean Challenge


What’s included in the 30-Day Get Lean Challenge online program

Workouts with on-demand video instruction for:

  • 10-minute Dynamic Warm-ups
  • 5-minute Plyometric Circuits
  • 35-minute Progressive Power & Strength Circuits
  • 5-minute Metabolic Conditioning Circuits

In addition, you’ll also receive a guided:

  • Self-Myofascial Release Routine
  • Weekly Cardiovascular Program with a fat burning emphasis
  • And a Post-Workout Cool-Down Stretch Routine to help you better regenerate and aid in your recovery so that your readiness is peaked for the next session  


You’ll receive, for free, the Advanced Athletics Sports Nutrition e-book that includes a sample meal plan with easy recipes that you can follow. This book will teach you how to use food and supplementation to support your training and athletics.

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