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Search and Rescue Mobility - SARM

Search and Rescue Mobility (SARM)

Are you tired of feeling stiff in your body and heavy in your legs? Are you having mediocre performance results in your athletic pursuits?

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to feel lighter, stronger, and more explosive. If you’re ready to get that spring back in your step and better bounce in your hop, then I have what you’ve been missing.

Search and Rescue Mobility (SARM)

A total body self-care program to support your desire to be an Athlete For Life.

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Mobility is the most important aspect of your foundation when it comes to your athletic performance. So it should be the highest priority daily ritual in any fitness program, including yours.

That’s why it’s the first program that I provide and teach to all my new clients.

I emphasize the value of using your mobility session to search for areas of tension in the body. Then the goal is to rescue yourself from that specific limiting factor to peak performance.

This happens by using a combination of self-myofascial release and stretching. Then you apply specific strength exercises for underperforming muscles. This is what you need to sustain the improvement in your mobility.


“The Search & Rescue formula is proven to work. It keeps my personal training clients healthy. Now it’s available to you.”

There will be 3 modules included in SARM, starting with…


This is a 6-week strength and mobility program. When followed as a daily ritual, it will improve the health of your joints and the soft-tissues in your lower limbs. In only 10 minutes per day, these routines will improve your athletic performance and help you stay injury free.

You’ll need some basic equipment, some of which you’ll find in your home (yoga mat, dowel rod or broomstick, tennis ball) and some you may need to purchase (yoga block, rumble roller, stretch strap). A complete list is provided with the program.

What You Get

SEARCH & RESCUE includes:

  • Self-Myofascial Release

  • Stretching

  • Resistance Exercises

In combination, the 26 exercises will support your performance, prevention, and longevity as an athlete.

The first step in the process is to complete the Lower Leg Self-Identification Screen. This lets you know where you’re starting from in terms of your mobility.

After you submit the results, you’ll be matched with the right program to get you started safely.

You’ll access your SARM Lower Leg Program on the Athlete For Life app, where you’ll also find a list of the equipment needed to isolate the right areas of your leg and where you can buy it. The equipment is small and basic, yet effective. It will be easy to use and store.


What results can you expect?

Mentally, you will experience peace of mind by being proactive using the exercises included in SARM. As a result, you will feel the confidence that every athlete must feel to be successful. That means the ability to push your outer limits without being on guard for injury.

In your physical body, you will experience:

  • A stronger foundation

  • Freedom of movement

  • Spring in your step

  • Bounce in your hop

  • And better control of your body

SARM Results

How does it work?

Step 1: Complete an online self-identification movement screen. This includes guided video instruction for fundamental movement tests.

Step 2: Submit your results.

Step 3: Advanced Athletics will assign the most appropriate program level for you to start with. We base this on your test score.

Step 4: Login to the Athlete For Life app and follow your daily routine.

With the app, you will be able to:

  • Review the entire program with all exercise parameters and outlined instruction.

  • View on-demand video instruction.

  • View your program on a calendar.

  • Set reminder notifications so that you can build a proactive habit, making it part of your daily routine.

  • Have lifetime access to the program.


...a huge difference in not only my shoulder, but my body as a whole.

By Rich P.

When I came to see Adam for the first time, I wanted his help to recover from a shoulder injury. Adam was able to identify that a lack of mobility and strength in my lower legs was actually a part of the cause of my injury. I would have never thought to look there, but he did. The corrective daily routine he gave me has made a huge difference in not only my shoulder, but my body as a whole.

...The daily routine works!

By Jon T.

Before I came to see Adam, I was getting injured often when I pushed my body in the gym. After a few months of following his mobility program, I feel more freedom in my movement and durable in my body. The daily routine works!

...wasn’t until I started working with Adam that I learned the right things to do.

By Rob S.

I’ve had many sports coaches in my life. But none of them ever taught me how to take care of my body. It wasn’t until I started working with Adam that I learned the right things to do. Not only that, the detail that he gave me for my form and technique helped me to get faster results.

...I’m moving better on the court than I have in years.

By Clay T.

Playing tennis since I was a kid, caught up to me as an adult. My body was breaking down, and I didn’t know why. Adam taught me that it was an accumulation of stress over the years. He showed me simple routines to do before and after I play and workout that’ve helped me to regain confidence in my body. Now, I’m moving better on the court than I have in years.

...he put together a daily program that I do each day. It’s made all the difference.

By Jennifer T.

My first goal in working with Adam was to improve my mobility because I was tired of feeling pain and stiffness the morning after a hard workout. He helped me discover the source of my breakdown. Then he put together a daily program that I do each day. It’s made all the difference. I wake up each morning feeling spry, instead of an aging XX-year-old. Thanks Adam!

...Adam’s program helped me to improve my mobility to reduce stress at my knee.

By Mike B.

Surfing is my favorite pastime for many reasons that give me peace. But that came to a quick halt when I injured my knee after taking a wave. It required surgery and a full rehab. Although it was successful, I still didn’t feel the uninhibited confidence in my body way I knew I should when I was in the water. Adam’s program helped me to improve my mobility to reduce stress at my knee. It also helped me to build the stability and strength in my body to fully regain my confidence again. And keep it.


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