the missing x-factor for most athletes: search and rescue mobility (sarm)

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Search and Rescue Mobility Program Lumbo Pelvic Hip Stretch

Since 1996, I’ve worked one-on-one with professional and Olympic athletes across disciplines. As a sports performance coach, the experience allowed me to grow further in my craft than I could have ever imagined. Over this time, I’ve learned the important things that all successful athletes have in common. And I want to share one of the most valuable lessons with … Read More

what to measure before you begin your 2019 fitness program

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The first thing you need to do before starting your 2019 fitness program is measure your baseline. Your baseline is the current state of your key performance indicators (KPI’s) — the quantitative and qualitative results that link to your goals. Without knowledge of all of your KPIs, you’ll be missing critical data to know if your training plan is working … Read More

search and rescue mobility – the missing piece of your athletic puzzle

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Search and Rescue Mobility SARM

If you’re like most athletes, you’re missing a daily structure that addresses your durability. This is your ability to withstand the regular physical stress of your athletic activities. So you can thrive. By not taking the right action, you lower your likelihood of being an Athlete for Life. I know how hard you train and how important your goals are … Read More

how to find a “can do” attitude when you’re injured

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Injured Rye football player mindset attitude recovery

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I’ll always be in pain”? If so, know that you’re not alone. That same negative thought crosses most people’s mind at least once after they’re injured. I know this to be true, from both personal and professional experience. It can seem difficult to see past your pain, and the limitations that come with it. … Read More

Training for Sports

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One of the key components of success for an athlete is a Strength & Conditioning program focused on performance and prevention. Improving performance is the obvious overall objective in sports.  But participating in sports increases the chances of being injured, either through physical breakdown, or contact. So a major responsibility of an athlete or a coach is to reduce the … Read More