part ii – how your joints play a game of hide-n-seek & how to win

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Last week, I introduced you to the idea that your underused, dysfunctional joints may very well be playing hide-n-seek with you. If you missed it, click here. We covered joint dissociation (the ability to stabilize one joint while you accelerate another), the resulting consequences and symptoms to recognize, as well as the reasons joints hide in the first place. Now, … Read More

6 signs you may be on your way to lower back pain

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Whenever you experience any degree of lower back pain (LBP), it means that your body is in a state of dysfunction. Your pain is there to wake you up to this fact. And it is trying to get you to take instigate you into taking corrective action. What I want you to understand is that it didn’t have to get … Read More

5 action steps to overcome lower back pain now

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If you’ve ever battled with lower back pain, then you’re familiar with the “prison” it can feel like. The debilitating impact on your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing seems inescapable. Lower back pain (LBP) is the most common issue that I’ve seen with the athletes who come to train with me for the first time. So if you’re suffering, know … Read More

the right training frequency for you: part 2

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There are nine factors to consider to best estimate the number of days per week you should train. In my last article, I shared the complete list with you and expanded on the first five. So you’re more than halfway to having a better understanding of your training frequency needs in order to meet your goals. Let’s dive into the … Read More

3 rules to determine your training frequency

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To improve any fitness quality (for example building muscle, strength, or speed), you need to have the right training frequency. Because the number of days you work out, per week or per month, has a major influence on your results. Too few, or even too many, can stifle your results. I’ve seen this happen with athletes at all levels. Some … Read More

the 3 worst kinds of resistance exercise

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One of my biggest life challenges is time management. My packed schedule means I’m often pressed for time. So when it comes to training, I can’t waste a second on exercises that serve little to no purpose to me achieving my goals. I need the most effective movements. Those that provide the most bang for your buck. But what are … Read More

Training for Sports

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One of the key components of success for an athlete is a Strength & Conditioning program focused on performance and prevention. Improving performance is the obvious overall objective in sports.  But participating in sports increases the chances of being injured, either through physical breakdown, or contact. So a major responsibility of an athlete or a coach is to reduce the … Read More