how your joints play a game of hide-n-seek & how to win

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Without a doubt, hide-n-seek is the most popular children’s game…ever! Why? Because we all love attention. And the game is a fun way to give it and receive it. It’s a WIN-WIN! But the game stops being fun when the underused joints in your body play hide-n-seek with you … or without you. Your dysfunctional joints are starving for your … Read More

the first step to recover faster after your workout

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Your ability to push your outer-limits of fitness has so much to do with how well you recover. Truth. That’s why I’m excited to share a powerful recovery enhancer with you. Athletes everywhere are using it to boost their performance. And you can too. As a disclaimer, I have no financial affiliation with this product. It’s actually free, accessible, simple … Read More

7 habits to maximize your recovery in between sets

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What you do with your time between sets speaks volumes about your commitment to progress. People tend to focus on the amount of time you should rest between sets. While that’s an important factor (crucial enough to be its own topic), know that what you do in that rest time is even more important when it comes to the quality … Read More

7 steps to get back your athletic fluidity – and never lose it again

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In sports, the greatest athletes make the most incredible feats look effortless. It’s the gracefulness of their actions and reactions that appears as a free-flow of energy. That is fluidity. It’s what all athletes should strive for. And that means you. If instead of fluid, you’ve been feeling stiffer, slower, and “softer,” both in the gym and come playtime…read on. … Read More