how your joints play a game of hide-n-seek & how to win

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Without a doubt, hide-n-seek is the most popular children’s game…ever! Why? Because we all love attention. And the game is a fun way to give it and receive it. It’s a WIN-WIN! But the game stops being fun when the underused joints in your body play hide-n-seek with you … or without you. Your dysfunctional joints are starving for your … Read More

5 action steps to overcome lower back pain now

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Athlete For Life Posterior Posture View Overcoming Lower Back Pain

If you’ve ever battled with lower back pain, then you’re familiar with the “prison” it can feel like. The debilitating impact on your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing seems inescapable. Lower back pain (LBP) is the most common issue that I’ve seen with the athletes who come to train with me for the first time. So if you’re suffering, know … Read More