6 signs you may be on your way to lower back pain

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Athlete For Life Lower Back Pain Leg Stretch

Whenever you experience any degree of lower back pain (LBP), it means that your body is in a state of dysfunction. Your pain is there to wake you up to this fact. And it is trying to get you to take instigate you into taking corrective action. What I want you to understand is that it didn’t have to get … Read More

part 2: how often and why you should change your workout routine

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Any decision to change your workout should come from having a broad perspective of all the factors that affect it and your desired outcome. Too often, I see athletes who miss key elements and end up with stagnant results. Or worse, they compromise their health. Either way, the result is disappointment and most often without understanding the cause. That’s why … Read More

5 ways to get back your athleticism and never lose it again

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Depth Drop Starting Position Athleticism

To be an athlete for life … you must play, play often, and play smart. Use or lose it. It’s that simple. I see too many athletes get sidetracked for months with “other” priorities. And before they know it, their body has become deconditioned. Then, when they try to pick up where they left off, they encounter a rude awakening. … Read More

a lesson to learn from LeBron James

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Lesson to Learn from LeBron James Athlete Self-Care

Lebron James reportedly spends $1.5 million per year to maintain his body. Whether you’re a fan of LeBron or not, it’s hard not respect his commitment to staying in the game, performing at his best, for as long as possible. His financial investment represents his responsibility towards his future. It demonstrates a wholehearted embrace of the understanding that he has … Read More

7 steps to restore your athletic performance

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Athlete For Life 7 Steps To Restore Your Athletic Performance

In my twenties, I felt bulletproof as an athlete. On a regular basis, I could push my body to its limit in the gym. And especially for all of my “weekend warrior” activities. Although there was an occasional tweak in my body from going too far into “beast-mode,” I bounced back quick. I had no idea that those “insignificant” tweaks … Read More