part ii – how your joints play a game of hide-n-seek & how to win

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Last week, I introduced you to the idea that your underused, dysfunctional joints may very well be playing hide-n-seek with you. If you missed it, click here. We covered joint dissociation (the ability to stabilize one joint while you accelerate another), the resulting consequences and symptoms to recognize, as well as the reasons joints hide in the first place. Now, … Read More

the 7 fundamental movements & 7 steps to prevent losing them

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Compensation – “something that counterbalances or makes up for an undesirable or unwelcome state of affairs.” In this case, in your body. Unaddressed compensations are one of the leading causes of injury in most athletes. Including you. Because I know how important it is for you to be an Athlete For Life, I will keep reminding you of this vulnerability. … Read More

the training method that’s proven to work

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As an athlete, the goal of your training should almost always be to create the maximum impact on your strength and power. That’s because these two qualities are crucial to improving your performance in sports. You’ll increase the likelihood of gaining strength and power when you work out if you use a systematic plan with the right loading strategies. What’s … Read More

search and rescue mobility – the missing piece of your athletic puzzle

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Search and Rescue Mobility SARM

If you’re like most athletes, you’re missing a daily structure that addresses your durability. This is your ability to withstand the regular physical stress of your athletic activities. So you can thrive. By not taking the right action, you lower your likelihood of being an Athlete for Life. I know how hard you train and how important your goals are … Read More

how to find a “can do” attitude when you’re injured

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Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I’ll always be in pain”? If so, know that you’re not alone. That same negative thought crosses most people’s mind at least once after they’re injured. I know this to be true, from both personal and professional experience. It can seem difficult to see past your pain, and the limitations that come with it. … Read More

5 ways to get back your athleticism and never lose it again

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To be an athlete for life … you must play, play often, and play smart. Use or lose it. It’s that simple. I see too many athletes get sidetracked for months with “other” priorities. And before they know it, their body has become deconditioned. Then, when they try to pick up where they left off, they encounter a rude awakening. … Read More

a lesson to learn from LeBron James

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Lesson to Learn from LeBron James Athlete Self-Care

Lebron James reportedly spends $1.5 million per year to maintain his body. Whether you’re a fan of LeBron or not, it’s hard not respect his commitment to staying in the game, performing at his best, for as long as possible. His financial investment represents his responsibility towards his future. It demonstrates a wholehearted embrace of the understanding that he has … Read More