the missing x-factor for most athletes: search and rescue mobility (sarm)

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Search and Rescue Mobility Program Lumbo Pelvic Hip Stretch

Since 1996, I’ve worked one-on-one with professional and Olympic athletes across disciplines. As a sports performance coach, the experience allowed me to grow further in my craft than I could have ever imagined. Over this time, I’ve learned the important things that all successful athletes have in common. And I want to share one of the most valuable lessons with … Read More

why you need to work on your single-leg balance

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Adam Friedman Personal Trainer Advanced Athletics Athlete For Life Single Leg Balance Exercise

Your single-leg balance (SLB) is essential to your performance in sports and in your everyday activity. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked and undertrained by most athletes. So it’s easy to miss all they ways your body might be compensating, and increasing the risk of injury. Does this sound like you? SLB is something I test on every athlete I work with. … Read More