search and rescue mobility – the missing piece of your athletic puzzle

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Search and Rescue Mobility SARM

If you’re like most athletes, you’re missing a daily structure that addresses your durability. This is your ability to withstand the regular physical stress of your athletic activities. So you can thrive. By not taking the right action, you lower your likelihood of being an Athlete for Life. I know how hard you train and how important your goals are … Read More

7 steps to restore your athletic performance

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Athlete For Life 7 Steps To Restore Your Athletic Performance

In my twenties, I felt bulletproof as an athlete. On a regular basis, I could push my body to its limit in the gym. And especially for all of my “weekend warrior” activities. Although there was an occasional tweak in my body from going too far into “beast-mode,” I bounced back quick. I had no idea that those “insignificant” tweaks … Read More

eating around your workout

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Trying to figure out the right nutrition to support your health and fitness goals can seem impossible. There’s enough conflicting information floating around to make your head spin. Some science supports you achieving your performance goals, while other published material supports health and anti-aging. The data and recommendations end up being contradictory because the two goals are at the opposite … Read More

the stretches you should finish with tonight, and every night

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This is quick note from me to you about when and how you should stretch. To start, here are the best times to stretch in IMPROVE your flexibility: Before bed After practice After your workout After a competition It so happens that these are also times when we least feel like putting in the effort to do so. We’re already … Read More

Avoid Over Training and Career Ending Injuries With These 5 steps

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It’s been said that in life over-ambition can sometimes backfire.  This happens often with many athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are so driven about achieving amazing results that they lose themselves in exercise and end up in a constant state of being broken down and risking injury.  As a health professional, I witness this condition of overtraining all to often … Read More