5 types of self-care equipment that every athlete should own

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athetics Latissimus Dorsi Self-Myofascial Release With Foam Roller

When you train and play as hard as you do, you need to put into place the right daily prehab and recovery strategies. That’s what’s going to keep you healthy and in the game. Oftentimes, it’s what you do at home that makes the biggest difference. In particular, I’m talking about self-myofascial release (self-massage), and corrective stretching and strengthening. These … Read More

7 habits to maximize your recovery in between sets

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics 7 Habits Maximize Recovery Between Sets Matt Pohlkamp

What you do with your time between sets speaks volumes about your commitment to progress. People tend to focus on the amount of time you should rest between sets. While that’s an important factor (crucial enough to be its own topic), know that what you do in that rest time is even more important when it comes to the quality … Read More