two stability fundamentals to improve your overhead press strength

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There’s a quote I love to recite to my students when teaching fundamentals of strength for an overhead press. The quote is this: “you can’t fire a cannon out of a canoe”, by Charles Poloquin. It’s not hard to imagine what would happen in this scenario. The canoe would be thrust backward, and the cannonball would land well short of … Read More

what to measure before you begin your 2019 fitness program

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The first thing you need to do before starting your 2019 fitness program is measure your baseline. Your baseline is the current state of your key performance indicators (KPI’s) — the quantitative and qualitative results that link to your goals. Without knowledge of all of your KPIs, you’ll be missing critical data to know if your training plan is working … Read More

how the wrong footwear impacts your workout

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If you’re wearing the wrong gear on your feet, it can make you weaker and injury prone. I bring this up because I see too many people making the wrong shoe choice for their strength training. Most people overlook a shoe’s functionality for the sake of fashion. And most shoe manufacturers know and capitalize on this. So they do little … Read More

why lighter weights will help make you a stronger athlete

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No matter what your athletic goal is, your strength is the vessel that makes it possible to reach it. This is because strength training is about gaining control over your body. And when you push the outer limits of your athletic performance, you must have a surplus of that control. The more you increase your strength, the better your performance. … Read More

the 4-character combo to faster results

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In any intelligent workout program you undertake, you should see a 4-character sequence that looks something like this: “3-0-X-1” What do these 4 characters represent? Actually something really significant when it comes to the results you can expect get from your workout. The combination signifies the TEMPO assigned to each repetition of your prescribed exercise. In the language of fitness, … Read More

Training for Sports

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One of the key components of success for an athlete is a Strength & Conditioning program focused on performance and prevention. Improving performance is the obvious overall objective in sports.  But participating in sports increases the chances of being injured, either through physical breakdown, or contact. So a major responsibility of an athlete or a coach is to reduce the … Read More