12 ways to get ahead of injury, and stay there

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Proactive: taking action to produce a good result or avoid a problem, rather than waiting until there is a problem. Sit with that definition for a moment, and consider how it applies to your approach to your body. For you high performing athletes, being proactive defines your mindset and the follow-through you need to achieve long-term success. It’s how to … Read More

the training method that’s proven to work

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As an athlete, the goal of your training should almost always be to create the maximum impact on your strength and power. That’s because these two qualities are crucial to improving your performance in sports. You’ll increase the likelihood of gaining strength and power when you work out if you use a systematic plan with the right loading strategies. What’s … Read More

why you need to confront the path of least resistance

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To have performance longevity, you must confront one of your body’s natural tendencies. That its tendency is to take the path of least resistance (P.O.L.R.). And this is a vulnerability that can lead to no good, and catches up to everyone sooner or later. It sneaks up in subtle ways. At first in your early thirties, there’s a little body … Read More

Flexibility thru Stretching

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Adam Friedman, CSCS, CN, CMT, and founder of Advanced Athletics is representing the Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute in this video to discuss the great value of flexibility thru stretching. He demonstrates a few important stretches that can get you started to improve your flexibility, functional strength, and may help you feel better over all.