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My Story

Hey guys, I’m Adam Friedman. Growing up I was an awkwardly shy, short, and skinny mixed-raced kid from the burbs of Philadelphia. I was searching for my identity within the only narrow and disjointed world I knew.

I loved to lose myself in the make believe world of superheroes. I wanted to be as cool and indestructible as Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. That was a part of my fantasy. But I soon realized that my classmates would never accept me if kept daydreaming in front of the TV.

So I got involved with sports and fitness. And slowly things changed. My self confidence grew along with my body and athleticism. But, this was not without much trial and error. There were some successes, but far too many chronic injuries and setbacks.

I developed great strength and other physical attributes. But my genetically slight frame couldn’t keep up. I didn’t know at the time that I wasn’t as bulletproof as the pro’s I tried to emulate. So I had to figure out a better way. I began a decade long experiment to figure out what works for guys like us. And I finally created a system that creates athletic bodies that move well and look great… while keeping you injury free.

On that journey, I also found my passion to help others fulfill their potential. This further fueled my passion. I wanted to become the best kinesiologist, and strength and conditioning coach around.

It led me to working with professional and Olympic athletes. I discovered that there are many individual and similar goals, and physical needs. However, the common denominator missing for many athletes was a structured daily routine. One that enhances performance, AND promotes recovery with a foundation of preventive practices.

Unfortunately, prevention is often overlooked until actual injury and other health setbacks occur. Over time, I’ve found it’s much more than only injury prevention. We also have to properly manage the stress in our body. Otherwise, it may can lead to injuries, accelerated aging, and a diseased state.

That’s why I created this website. So I can reach more people and share this knowledge. One of the greatest thrills in my life is to help others unleash their true athletic potential.

Now, as a guy in his mid forties, it’s all about being an Athlete For Life. I prescribe a holistic approach that includes training, and optimal recovery. It also includes a daily practice of mobility, quality sleep, and proper nutrition.

I live by the quote by Ashley Montagu, “Die young as late in life as possible”.

That’s what I’m here to help you do.

My Philosophy


I build foundational programs that work in progression to help you achieve your athletic goals, whether that is to extend your professional career, compete in a triathlon, shoot hoops with your friends, get back in the water or your play your best round of golf ever.

I have a forward-thinking and progressive philosophy towards improving your health and wellbeing. I call it Intelligent Progression – a holistic approach to training that starts with establishing a foundation of postural balance and fundamental mobility and flexibility, and builds strength and conditioning, as well as proper nutrition. I know from experience that without this foundation, progress will be limited, setbacks will occur and you’ll have diminished results.

I consider myself a minimalist. I design well-conceived, science-based processes and progressions that provide the most efficient and effective methods to support each of my clients. As a result, we make the best use of your time and maximize the value of your investment towards your fitness goals. My approach is always quality over quantity, and deliberate results rather than by-chance.

To start, I conduct a thorough assessment of where each client is at in terms of their health, fitness level and overall wellbeing. This is a comprehensive process that enables me to help clients discover more about themselves and provides me with the insight necessary to build highly individualized programs.

With the basics as my focus, I continue to seek out new approaches to get better results for you. I am always learning, always looking at new techniques and different forms, bringing new ideas to our work together. I apply scientific and pragmatic principles to improving human performance so that long-term success can be achieved by anyone with the commitment and desire to be better now, and far into the future.

Here is what I want for you:

To feel free and strong in your body, so that you can feel confident to be as athletic as you choose.

To increase the longevity of your athletic life, whatever your participation or competitive level.

To know that I’m there for you, to help you get back the step you thought you lost, or gain the extra spring in your step that you never knew you had.

To reach your full athletic potential.

I Believe:

There are no short-cuts.

Process is essential and commitment is key.

You have to start where you’re at.

Each person’s progression follows its own path.

A functional foundation is necessary to build strength.

Consistency trumps all else.

Ignoring science results in mediocrity and an increased risk to wellbeing.

A proper program allows you to excel at your sport or activity, over the long term.

What Athletes Are Saying


Reminded me of the simpler days.

“By the way. Yesterday was the first time I played basketball again after 2 weeks. And I can tell the program is working. I felt fluid and free. Could drop into the low positions with ease. It’s hard to explain, just a different feeling. Reminded me of the simpler days. Thank you for that. I really appreciate it.”

-Robin K.


IT WORKS. Very effective program.

“Within the first week of exercises, my pain issue (neck, shoulder, wrist -- related to computer work over years) resolved almost entirely, and I’m now able to sleep, work, and play comfortably again. Thank you, Adam!”

-Liz. D.

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