Client Alumni

Clay Thompson, Tennis Pro - ATP
Clay Thompson
Tennis Pro – ATP

Kelly Oubre, Washington Wizards - NBA
Kelly Oubre
Washington Wizards – NBA
Julius Randle
Los Angeles Lakers – NBA
Paul George
Indiana Pacers – NBA

Patty Mills, San Antonio Spurs
Patty Mills
San Antonio Spurs – NBA
CJ Wilcox
LA Clippers – NBA
Reggie Jackson, Detroit Pistons - NBA
Reggie Jackson

Detroit Pistons - NBA

Solomon Hill, Indiana Pacers - NBA
Solomon Hill

New Orleans Pelicans - NBA

Ryan Kalish, Chicago Cubs
Ryan Kalish
Chicago Cubs – MLB
Darren Collison, Sacramento Kings - NBA

Darren Collison

Indiana Pacers - NBA

Danny Granger, Phoenix Suns - NBA

Danny Granger

Phoenix Suns – NBA
Stephani Victor, U.S. Ski Team
Stephani Victor
Phoenix Suns – NBA

Gabrielle Reece, Pro-Volleyball Player
Gabrielle Reece

Pro-Volleyball Player

Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks - WNBA
Lisa Leslie
Los Angeles Sparks – WNBA

Sean Burroughs, Arizona Diamondbacks - MLB
Sean Burroughs
Arizona Diamondbacks – MLB

Derek Glasser, Arizona State Basketball - NCAA
Derek Glasser
Arizona State Basketball – NCAA

Kareem Jamar, Montana Grizzlies - NCAA
Kareem Jamar
Montana Grizzlies – NCAA
Arnold Harrison, Pittsburgh Steelers - NFL
Arnold Harrison
Pittsburgh Steelers – NFL

Clark Haggans, Arizona Cardinals - NFL
Clark Haggans
Arizona Cardinals – NFL

Jesse Gillespie, UC Santa Barbara Water Polo
Jesse Gillespie
UC Santa Barbara Water Polo
Austin Croshere, Golden State Warriors - NBA
Austin Croshere
Golden State Warriors – NBA

Kerry Kittles, New Jersey Nets - NBA
Kerry Kittles
New Jersey Nets – NBA

Aaron Williams, Los Angeles Clippers - NBA
Aaron Williams
Los Angeles Clippers – NBA
Christi Thomas, Los Angeles Sparks - WNBA
Christi Thomas
Los Angeles Sparks – WNBA

Alexandra Stevenson, Tennis Pro - WTA
Alexandra Stevenson
Tennis Pro – WTA
Francisco Bueno, Los Angeles Clippers - NBA
Francisco Bueno
Professional Fighter – MMA


What Athletes Are Saying


Reminded me of the simpler days.

“By the way. Yesterday was the first time I played basketball again after 2 weeks. And I can tell the program is working. I felt fluid and free. Could drop into the low positions with ease. It’s hard to explain, just a different feeling. Reminded me of the simpler days. Thank you for that. I really appreciate it.”

-Robin K.


IT WORKS. Very effective program.

“Within the first week of exercises, my pain issue (neck, shoulder, wrist -- related to computer work over years) resolved almost entirely, and I’m now able to sleep, work, and play comfortably again. Thank you, Adam!”

-Liz. D.

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