3 steps to retrain your breathing to handle stress

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Do you find yourself panting or light headed right after doing a challenging exercise? If so, don’t rush to judgement in thinking that your cardiovascular conditioning is to blame. There’s a good chance that you’ve unwittingly conditioned yourself to hold your breath under high stress. The clear lack of oxygen exchange leaves your muscles and brain starving for fuel. But … Read More

10 tips to beat soreness

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Mohammad Ali said it best…“float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”.   That is the ready state feeling of any athlete who looks to excel in their performance.   …Ready for action.   …Ready to compete with your best self.   …Ready to dominate and earn the MVP award.   …Ready to be SORE? Umh…no thanks!   If … Read More

5 risk factors that affect shoulder health and how to fix them

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Advanced Athletics Adam Friedman Search and-Rescue Mobility Module 3 Thoracic Shoulder Stretch

As an athlete, you want to have healthy shoulders. Yet a shoulder injury is, without question, the most common injury amongst athletes. And when it happens, the resulting shoulder pain is often debilitating and agonizing on many levels. I know this to be true. Because I’ve helped countless numbers of individuals to overcome their shoulder issues. And I’ve had my … Read More

two stability fundamentals to improve your overhead press strength

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There’s a quote I love to recite to my students when teaching fundamentals of strength for an overhead press. The quote is this: “you can’t fire a cannon out of a canoe”, by Charles Poloquin. It’s not hard to imagine what would happen in this scenario. The canoe would be thrust backward, and the cannonball would land well short of … Read More

video: half kneeling psoas stretch 1.0 with pillar press

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Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics SARM Half-Kneeling Psoas Stretch 1.0 with Pillar Press

Hi athletes! Now that you’re up to speed on the 6 ways to focus your efforts when you stretch (if you missed it, I encourage you to take the time to go back and read), I wanted to share this “Half-Kneeling Psoas Stretch” with you. This exercise is great for learning how to lengthen and relax a tight ilio-psoas (AKA … Read More