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I believe in Adam, and what Advanced Athletics can do.

When I met Adam I couldn’t walk. Disc issues, muscles locked up, horribly painful. My history: I played college and international rugby and then worked my way down to scratch on the golf course, playing pro tournaments in America and Asia. But I thought that was all over for me. Adam encouraged me that it wasn’t, but there was dedication ahead…

I believe in Adam, and what Advanced Athletics can do. Why? Because I played 6 golf tournaments this year in America and in Ireland, I scored two tries in my most recent rugby game in Rome, and just got invited to play my second tournament in Napoli!!!

By Chris M. on Facebook

...Kicked my ass!!! (which is exactly what I wanted.)

“Kicked my ass!!! (which is exactly what I wanted.) I saw Adam on Fit.tv when he was training professional athletes and therefore I believed he would be a trainer with the experience and expertise I wanted. (I’m a working woman who wants to stay in shape, do what I can to be healthy, and feel as though I’ve utilized my time as efficiency as possible.) ”

By Jennifer G.

...working with Adam has been life-changing for me

“what can i say about Adam? well, working with Adam has been life-changing for me. and I mean that in a good way. so many trainers bore their clients to death with rote workout routines that never change, or work them to death just to see them sweat. -you’ve seen them at the gym, phoning it in. well, Adam’s not like that at all. Adam’s finds a way to subtly challenge you, every part of you -and the challenge is both mental and physical. every part of your body gets engaged. in particular Adam always finds a way to pinpoint your weak spots, getting you in-tune with yourself, and before you know it, your “weak spot” becomes a strength and you’re doing stuff you never thought possible. (like me doing push-ups) Adam brings a total approach to his fitness sessions -nutrition, goal setting, flexibility, core-training, cardio, mental focus, sports-specific workouts -Adam always has the best approach, and the most unique techniques that make working out with him quite the challenge, and a most rewarding experience. Plus, Adam’s an all-around great guy. i’ve been working with him for a few years now (has it gone by that fast??) and our sessions are always the highlight of my day. He’s a real pro.”

By Jennifer G.

...the most accomplished, knowledgeable trainer in all of Los Angeles

“Adam is truly the most accomplished, knowledgeable trainer in all of Los Angeles. I’m so impressed with how he can transform your body (and your mind!) with just a few hours a week. Total 5-star review! I’d give it 6 if I could!”

By Tracy D. - Yelp Review

...the best trainer a girl could ever ask for!

Thanks Adam! I wouldn’t have made it without you! You are the best trainer a girl could ever ask for!

By Lisa Leslie, Basketball Hall of Famer - via Twitter

...professional, kind, patient, full of integrity & above all knows what he is doing.

“I was lucky enough to work with Adam from October 2011 to September 2012. WOW! His company blew me away. Adam is professional, kind, patient, full of integrity & above all knows what he is doing. I have met a lot of trainers and its safe to say that Adam is by far the best. His knowledge and understanding of health & fitness blew me away. Thanks to Adam I learned tools to take control & make permanent and positive changes in all areas of my life I highly recommend Adam & Advanced Athletics & feel very lucky to had had the chance to learn from his expertise.”

By Eva M. - Yelp Review

...I highly recommend him, he certainly altered my path. Incredible!

“I trained with Adam for roughly 3 years up until my move back to the Bay area. I have had trainers before and consider myself in top shape. Adam is not a typical trainer, he has a 360 approach to fitness from body to soul. His balance of Core exercise, Cardio, weight training along with strategic body work allowed me to tap into the best that I can be. In addition, his methods are very much skills which you learn with him and that you can take with you. Adam believes in accountability and he very much practices that philosophy as he allows you to take charge of your transformation. Adam, is genuine in his approach and cares about the well being of his clients. Over the years he became much more than a coach and I consider him an incredible friend. He certainly stands out as one of a kind and is well above and beyond what is out there. I highly recommend him, he certainly altered my path. Incredible!”

By Erik J. - Yelp Review

...super humble and kind to each client

“Every time I go to Golds Gym Venice, I see some pro athlete or superstar actress training with Adam. Yet he’s super humble and kind to each client, no matter who you are.”

By Tracy D - Yelp Review

...the best trainer in LA

“Not only did I find the best trainer in LA, but I also got a great friend. Adam walks the talk, really truly cares about his clients’ goals and is incredibly informed. I would recommend him to anyone, whether you’ve never worked out before, are a professional athlete, competing in fitness competitions or just want to lose some weight and feel amazing. Give it a shot, you’ll be happy you did!!!”

By Melissa I. - Yelp Review

...I couldn't have done it without U!

“Thank You Adam for all the years of dedication in the weight room and on the track at 6AM! I couldn’t have done it without U!”

By Lisa Leslie - via Twitter

...very personable and down to earth. I recommend him very highly.

“I had several training sessions with Adam from Advanced Athletics. I am a middle aged runner interested in maximizing my performance at the marathon distance. I came to him looking for a strength training routine that would complement my running. Prior to the training, Adam was very thorough in checking my body and identifying specific weaknesses and imbalances. He had me work on core activation and I was very impressed by his ability to show me the correct way to do specific core exercises. I had done some of these exercises by myself in the past, but he was able to pinpoint errors in the way I was doing these exercises, and I learned a lot from him. He also showed me additional exercises that I was completely unaware of, which would increase my running efficiency. Adam works with a lot of high profile athletes, but he was able to get down to my level of performance, he was very personable and down to earth. I recommend him very highly.”

By Guillaume C. - Yelp Review

 ...Thank you Adam! You're the best!

“My training with Adam changed my relationship to my body in such a profound way. I am stronger, more flexible, leaner and much more present in it. Adam challenged me to build a strong stable foundation, working with me in a specific and intelligent way. Now, I feel confident I can take on any new sport and keep working my edges and developing new flexibility and strength without injury!! Thank you Adam! You’re the best!!!”

By Bellymoon D. - Yelp Review

...clientele boasts professional athletes, executives, and celebrities.

“Not your typical trainer/actor/waiter.. these professionals have over 20+ years of experience in the fitness industry. Their clientele boasts professional athletes, executives, and celebrities.”

By Prettypinkponies - Yelp Review

...There's nobody more knowledgeable, period.

“Advanced Athletics was the only place that know how to train – and ultimately fix – my lower back injury. There’s nobody more knowledgeable, period.”

By Chance B. on Facebook
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