2010 – Personal Fitness Challenge

In General by Adam Friedman

Beach running - AdamEach New Year is a super opportunity to challenge yourself to go beyond what has been comfortable, breakthrough your current level of fitness, and raise your game in life.  It is a chance to broaden your horizons by expanding your scope of knowledge and awareness with your exercise and nutrition.  This will not only enhance your results, but give you new perspective of what’s possible for you.

I’m inviting all of my clients, and you to create your own fitness challenge by choosing a fitness related event to get ready for.  It can be an event that is already arranged by an existing organization, such as a 10k race, a mini-triathlon, or some other competition.  It can also be an event that you create for yourself, such as a ski vacation; it can be to fit into a new or old dress, or a photo shoot.  Some other ideas are to set a family goal to be able to do a long hike together, or a friendly wager with a friend to get into better shape.

Declaring such an event will support you in getting clarity on what your results get to look like, setting a timeline, and involving others to assist you in the ways you wouldn’t do for your self.

Taking a proactive stand for you to have an extraordinary life is the only way it will happen.  Aiming higher by setting challenging goals will absolutely strengthen your probability for success in anything you do.

Tips to succeed:

  • Write down your goals, and revisit them on a weekly basis to reflect on your commitment.
  • Create a schedule to reinforce consistency.
  • Be patient with seeing results.
  • Trust and enjoy the process.

Tips to measure your progress:

  • Take a self-portrait in your swimsuit.
  • Get a Cardiovascular assessment from a fitness professional.
  • Get a Nutrition assessment (including body composition, girth, and weight)
  • Journal your exercise, and dietary intake on a daily basis to be present with the day-to-day process.
  • Get a fitness reassessment every 8-12 weeks to track your progress.

Tips to get you results faster:

  • Work with a nutritionist to coach you on living a healthier lifestyle.
  • Hire a personal trainer to give you a new program.
  • Switch up your workout routine every 4-6 weeks to spark change with a new adaptation sequence.
  • Strive for consistent progression in your program in a way that challenges the nervous system.
  • When training intensely, plan for recovery periods every 6-8 weeks.