A Balanced life

In General by Adam Friedman

Achieving balance is a primary goal for me in my life.  I believe that finding and maintaining balance is a struggle of human nature.  It is, of course, easier to follow the path of least resistance to get to where we want to go.   However, balance takes work to attain and maintain because there are numerous internal and external stimuli which, if allowed, will be a constant just as gravity is to our body.  It requires clear intention and the perfect balance between a degree of planning along with a degree of flexibility with a schedule that goes into living a balanced lifestyle.  Even Feng Shui is about achieving balance in the design of one’s living and work space, just as the universe and everything in it works to be in balance.

When I have balance in my life then:

  • Harmony  is possible 
  • Productivity is possible 
  • Relationships are possible 
  • Health is possible 
  • Fitness is possible 
  • Spirituality is possible 
  • Recreation is possible 
  • Family is possible 
  • Giving back is possible 
  • Business success is possible 
  • Financial success is possible

I am committed to having balance in my life.

There are many more ways to open up the possibilities in  life.  What are some others?