About Advanced Athletics

In General by Adam Friedman

Advanced Athletics LogoAdvanced Athletics, Inc. (AAI) specializes in
strength & conditioning, and nutrition for physical
and prevention. We are available to
consult and
train individuals or groups on how to

be at their
best through living a holistic healthy lifestyle.
AAI has established, through its philosophy, a program
that fits everyone, no matter what the goal is. Through over 15 years of dedicated research on performance enhancement methodology we are confident in our comprehensive programs. Advanced Athletics performance enhancement system offers one of the safest, most effective and efficient methods to reach your physical and performance goal.

AAI has catered to highly motivated individuals and groups ready to bring their performance to the next level including professional, Olympic, and amateur athletes, fitness enthusiasts, as well as people looking to succeed in business. Our passion is to help people to realize their true performance and career longevity potential through the most innovative athletic-functional training and therapeutic services.

Ready to Make Your Fitness Goals A Reality?

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Free Personalized Fitness Assessment

  • Structural Analysis
  • Postural Analysis
  • Range of Motion Testing
  • Goal Setting… and more

Come away knowing exactly how to
meet and exceed your fitness goals.


Official Contributor to the Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute