Six Tips: How Do I Eat at Restaurants & Not Get Fat?

In General by Adam Friedman

“How do I eat out at restaurants correctly?”

This is one of the most common questions that people have when they find out I’m a nutritionist.

Here are my 6 quick tips below, for all you need to know about maintaining a healthy diet when eating out.

1. Eat every 3-4 hours to stabilize your blood sugar. That way you won’t be starving, and you can make better decisions when faced with the bread basket and menu.

2. Restaurants serve notoriously hearty portions. Learn your portion sizes at home using a food scale, then apply that knowledge to your plate at a restaurant. Some of my clients even ask for half their food on the plate, and half in a to-go box, knowing that many restaurant portions are actually large enough for two meals.

3. Skip the bread, which spikes your blood sugar and inhibits healthy digestion. If you’re hungry when you arrive, ask for a small plate of raw veggies. Crunchy celery and carrot sticks can be satisfying and help you avoid filling up on bread.

Choose restaurants with reasonable portions and healthy options, like local favorite Gjelina

4. Ask for your food prepared without butter or oil.

5. Eat your protein first, then your fats, and finish with the carbohydrate portion of your meal. You’ll digest more easily and feel full faster.

6. Choose restaurants wisely. Thanks to the Internet, we can usually scope out a restaurant’s menu before we even make a reservation. Look for places that serve healthy options, or if you’re not choosing the location, check out the menu in advance so you have good choices in mind when you arrive.

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