Chris Clark

In General by Adam Friedman

“True Inspiration” – Paraplegic Hero

“As an L1 Complete Paraplegic, I have spent almost twelve years now trying to find someone who is competent to understand: the injury itself, the problems that go along with it, and the whole idea of atrophy.  After three years of working out on my own, I went from a complete to an incomplete and maxed everything I know at which point I thought finally I would have an opportunity now to have: PT’s trainers, rehab, specialists and so on to help me.  Either it was over glorified range of motion, or basic weight training, just not using your legs.  Adam Friedman has a comprehensive method of starting out with the basic fundamentals in all different aspects of where you are at this point and teaching you not only how to work out, but also gives you an awareness that you never had before in how to work these areas.  I am firing muscles now that haven’t been fired in twelve years, actually bringing my lower and upper body together as one is the most beautiful feeling for a paraplegic you could ever have.”