Getting Results? It’s All in the Details…

In General by Adam Friedman

Whether it is your nutrition or your exercise, paying attention to the details is the difference between mediocre results and excellent results.  New clients often ask me why after many years of exercising on their own that they were not achieving their goals, and/or experiencing some sort of bodily pain.

Once I evaluate what they had been doing, I can see that the exercises may be correct, but the way they have been doing them was ineffective because of lack of attention to the detail.  In a large sense they were just going through the motions, usually with one focus of just getting through the workout.

Optimizing your efficiency to getting results takes being detail oriented.  That means being able to focus on a few things at once, moment to moment.  Otherwise known as multi-tasking.

We work with a number of clients who exercise consistently, and consider themselves healthy eaters, who also are not achieving the results they want.  Once we evaluate the foods in their diet, which may be good, we find they were falling short on their parameters of macronutrients in their meals, or they let too much time pass in between meals.

By showing our clients how to make the proper adjustments and incorporate them into their lifestyle for consistency, then they will create the balance that the body requires to be at its best at all times.

By making small adjustments to their nutrition, exercise posture, movement technique, and mental focus, our clients can finally get the most out of their time and hard work.  On the topic of time, how much of your valuable time have you invested in doing cardio/weights without knowing what frequency, exercise selections, durations/repetitions, intensities (heart rates/resistance), and recovery times which are the most effective for achieving your goals?

Imagine how much sooner you would accomplish your goal.  Also, how much time could have been saved by knowing the specifics, and what you could have been doing with that time?  It goes the same for everything else related to your fitness, quality over quantity.

Paying attention to detail pays off in huge dividends with your results, and having a better quality of life all the way around.  During exercise notice all at once, your posture, movement technique, breathing, and mind-to-muscle connection.

If you are unsure of how to make the proper adjustments, that’s when it’s time to get help.  Investing in a great trainer, or exercise book is a great place to start.

Paying attention to the details comes from ways of being that are:

1. Committed to paying attention to the details.  Simple concept, right?

2. Present in the moment so that you can pay attention to your form, your breath, and your energy.

3. Responsible for the actions you take to succeed, leaving no excuses.

4. Honest with yourself with where you are at in the process, and keeping things in perspective.

5. Connected to your goals in fitness & life, so you acknowledge yourself for your achievements not matter how small.

6. Connected to your body, listening to what it tells you before, during, and after exercise and eating.  This way you can make the little adjustments that may make a huge difference.