Injury Prevention & Aging In Personal Training & Nutrition

In General by Adam Friedman

Hi, Adam here and welcome to my online Fitness Jump Start where I will address a question or concern each day from a variety of categories related to health, fitness, and nutrition. Here we go…

Paula, a woman who trains at Gold’s Gym here in Venice wrote and asked me on Facebook asks what are some ways to slow down the aging process, and prevent becoming fat, frail, and looking like a senior citizen before your time?

Turning Back The Aging Process Through Nutrition & Exercise

Good question Paula. This is an important topic because growing old is an inevitable process for us all. If we don’t address it, the decline of our health will take place at a more rapid pace, making us 10-20 years older than we really are. Putting us at high risk for disease, cancer, and chronic pain.

However if you take the initiative to be proactive with forming habits that are components to a healthy lifestyle, then you will be in a position of prevention. As they say…”an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Build a foundation around a health structure that includes these 5 components: Sleep, Water, Nutrition, Exercise, and Supplementation. Why are these the things we should focus on?…because these are the things that are actually in our control, and we can do something about.

The Importance Of Nutrition In Fitness & Lasting Health

One area that I see that most people have challenges is nutrition. Eating nutritious foods, in the right portions, and intervals throughout the day is what counts most to keep our internal system in balance.

The Effects Of Stress On Aging And Your Health & Fitness

Second is stress management. Finding a healthy outlet to unwind, decompress, and find time for you is essential to maintaining a healthy mental state. Scientific evidence has proven that stress shortens the life span of cells, and speeds up the body’s deterioration. Therefore, intense, long-term emotional strain can make people get sick and grow old before their time.

If you are really looking to be proactive with anti-aging, take on your health now and focus on making sure that your nutrition is centered around blood sugar stabilization, and you are scheduling time each day for yourself to decompress what ever that looks like for you.

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