Introducing the “Advanced Athletics Protein Bar” — Become an Affiliate to the Newest Addition to the Venice Nutrition Menu Selection.

In General by Adam Friedman

Dear Fellow Venice Nutrition Coaches–

I want to tell you about this free and easy opportunity to make money on a super premium protein bar that is now in the VN Menu Option.  First, let me share with you about the product.

We all know there are a ton of bars on the market, but all are NOT equal. The
quality and nutritional value of the ingredients can be poor, which creates awful
digestion and nutrient bioavailability…leading to poor performance and upset stomachs.

For years I had become frustrated that I couldn’t find a protein bar that I could confidently recommend, or eat that didn’t make me fill sick, and guilty for eating something that didn’t meet my high standards. That is why three years ago, I sought to learn how to develop what I thought a protein bar should have been all along.

Mission accomplished!

I’m proud to introduce the Advanced Athletics Protein Bar as the first product of my sports nutrition line.  As a strong believer and practitioner of blood sugar stabilization, and high quality food, my goal was to make the absolute best meal replacement/snack centering on that foundation.

In addition, I made sure to be mindful of the many food allergies, and sensitivities that may be limiting for so many people.

When I sent the bars to Mark Macdonald, he was immediately impressed with the nutrient profile, and saw the bar as a solid option in the Venice Nutrition Plan, which you can now find.

Here’s why many other health professionals have, and you will, quickly recognize the products ingredient purity, and exceptional nutrient profile.

  • The ONLY high protein bar made with Organic Grass Fed Whey Protein Concentrate to promote optimal cellular regeneration and immune system support.
  • The ONLY high protein bar to use 100% hormone-free whey protein
  • Has only 2 grams of sugar, and sweetened with Organic Stevia
  • Has the proper balanced macronutrient ratio to Stabilize Blood Sugar
  • Contains a quality B-Complex Vitamin to support nervous system function
  • Is designed to promote optimal digestion due to:
    • Purest and most bioactive source of protein
    • No Gluten, Soy, Grains, Corn, or Artificial Sweeteners & Preservatives
    • Chewy Texture that increases production of digestive enzymes in the mouth and stomach.
  • Yes, it Tastes Amazing in two delicious flavors, Power Pumpkin & Champion Chocolate.

My research also found that most people like to only eat half of a serving at a time, so I split the bar in two for the sake of convenience.  It also works to have one half before a workout (15-20 minutes), and the other half immediately after.  This can be followed by a full meal an hour later.

So if your clients include bars in their diet, consider recommending the “Advanced Athletics Protein Bar” as a solution to providing a nutrient dense food source that’s clean, convenient, and that they will love to eat.  It’s being sold online, and currently at a number of retail locations around Los Angeles.

Try it out!   All Venice Nutrition Coaches will receive 20% of their first online order of a box of both flavors + FREE Shipping.  Just enter in this coupon code at checkout: VNCNC0413

Earn a profit from your recommendation.
1. Sign up for the Affiliate Program, which is a free and easy way to earn 10% commission every time someone makes a purchase of the Advanced Athletics Protein Bar from your website.  I have a full time support team available to assist you in implementing the link so you can be up and running quickly.

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Thank you very much for your time, and interest.

Looking forward to working with you.

Kindest regards,

Adam Friedman, CSCS, CNC