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My Interview On The Fitness Blitz Podcast With Eric Malzone

In General by Adam Friedman

At the end of October, I had the pleasure of speaking with podcast host Eric Malzone on The Fitness Blitz Podcast.  We talked about my business, the ups and the downs, my fitness philosophy, the books I recommend, and more.  It’s 20 minutes long.  I hope you’ll listen:



Adam Friedman talks about Prioritizing Relationships First in The Fitness Blitz Podcast.

Hey guys, I’m Adam Friedman. Growing up I was an awkwardly shy, short, and skinny mixed-race kid from the burbs of Philadelphia. I was searching for my identity within the only narrow and disjointed world I knew. I loved to lose myself in the make-believe world of superheroes. I wanted to be as cool and indestructible as Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. That was a part of my fantasy. But I soon realized that my classmates would never accept me if kept daydreaming in front of the TV. So I got involved with sports and fitness. And slowly things changed. My self-confidence grew along with my body and athleticism. But, this was not without much trial and error. There were some successes, but far too many chronic injuries and setbacks. I developed great strength and other physical attributes.