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“With our program you can build confidence while focusing on what you can do!”

Advanced Athletics complements your physical therapy as well as provides for your post-rehabilitation needs. Traditional physical therapy clinics are limited to providing therapy for a specific injury – rarely do they create a progressive overall training regimen. We look at what you can do while injured in order to maintain a specific level of conditioning. This approach not only has vital physical benefits, but also immense mental benefits. So often an injured athlete or individual can go into a state of depression while injured because he is constantly reminded by the injury what he cannot do. This is easily avoided by building confidence in you through other areas of conditioning which does not involving the injury.
Functional retraining is applied to specific areas that have been injured and/or the entire kinetic chain that had been compromised. This is a key component to correcting dysfunctions, and decreasing the likelihood of recurring trauma and chronic pain. Functional retraining is a strength & conditioning component that always begins in Phase I of our programs and can eventually progress to all phases of training.


Get Started

Programs are available to anyone that has the desire, the dedication, the time, the means, and the willingness to follow through with our system. Because the process in the beginning involves a period of experimenting with the best way approach with new clientele, we ask for a minimum verbal agreement to complete the first phase of training (up to 8 consistent weeks).

Advanced Athletics Services are as follows:
Assessment and/or Consultation in-office (90 min) $150
All other service prices below are discussed during the consultation/assessment session.
  • Strength & Conditioning @ Gold’s Gym Venice (hourly)
  • Strength & Conditioning @ Gold’s Gym Venice (90 min)
  • Strength & Conditioning @ Gold’s Gym Venice (30 min)
  • Strength & Conditioning @ Outdoor Location (75 min)
  • Strength & Conditioning @ home/on-location (75 min)
  • Partner Training is available at time and a half.
  • Manual Therapy in-office (hourly)
  • Manual Therapy @ home/on-location (hourly)
  • Program Consultation in-office/by phone (hourly)
  • V02 Cardiovascular Assessment
  • Sports Mental Coaching in-office/by phone


  • All sessions are paid in advance.
  • All training session packages expire three months from the date of purchase.
  • All manual therapy packages expire six months from the date of purchase.
  • All cancellations require a 24 hours, otherwise the session is counted against the package at the full rate.
  • Training Time Holdings are 25% of session rate per day while traveling.

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