Taking Care of Your Hard Working Muscles

In General by Adam Friedman

foam rollLiving an active lifestyle is what our bodies crave, as we are designed to move freely and dynamically.  Along with exercise, it is important to have a balance of nutrition, supplementation, and sleep.  These simple steps below are a part of nurturing yourself to have optimal health and vitality.

One of the most productive and nurturing actions you can take is to maintain healthy muscular tissue.  Your muscles should be pain-free and non-resistant at rest, during full range of motion, and to the touch.  Healthy tissue is pliable throughout; a little like fresh raw meat.  Where as unhealthy tissue can be lumpy, and a little like beef jerky.

Anything to the contrary of healthy tissue signals a degree of muscular dysfunction that should be given attention to by creating healing to the environment.  This can be accomplished with stretching, and self-massage by using a foam roller, or other modalities.  Both activities are centered on rejuvenating stressed muscles and relaxing them to an optimal length.

Rejuvenate your muscle tissue with these simple steps:

Before a workout:

  • Warm-up 10 minutes
  • Foam Roll and Stretch areas of stiffness for 10-15 minutes

During a workout:

  • Take 30 seconds to stretch other areas of the body between sets
  • Add electrolytes to your water for optimal energy and muscle function

After a workout:

  • Cool-down 10 minutes
  • Foam roll the targeted areas of the workout 5 minutes
  • Full body stretch 10-15 minutes
  • Drink a high quality protein shake with Whey Protein Pops, or have the Advanced Athletics Bar =)