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two mistakes to avoid in order to avoid re-injury

In General by Adam Friedman

Do you know what the #1 predictor of injury is?

It’s a previous injury.

Of the hundreds of athletes who I’ve assessed, I can’t think of a single one who hasn’t had a history of having at least one injury.

It’s safe to say that playing sports and training hard comes with an unwanted price.

That is, unless you avoid making the two mistakes that far too many athletes do.

1. You return to action too soon.

The scenario can look something like this.

You’re sidelined due to an injury. So you can’t play 🙁

When you can’t play, your perceived “athlete” identity seems in jeopardy.

Your ego struggles with this and pushes you to return to action before you’re ready.

Which means you body doesn’t overcome the faulty movement patterns and other forms of compensation surrounding the injury.

And it’s that persistent dysfunction that often leads you to re-aggravate the same area… or leads to a new injury.

2. You get Post-Rehab Amnesia (PRA)

I’ve decided to coin the term, “Post-Rehab Amnesia.” So you heard it here first 🙂

PRA describes an all-too-common condition in athletes that goes something like this . . .

Some time passes since you’ve returned to play after an injury. And you’re feeling so good that you forget how you got back into action – the rehab work.

So you end up neglecting the ever-so-important preventative self-care (prehab). This includes the bodywork, mobility, and preventative strength exercises to keep you healthy and in the game.

Sound familiar?

Now, consider this is your reminder that being proactive is your responsibility.

That means that you get to make the choice to devote time throughout the week to tend to prehab. Your avoiding re-injury depends on it.

Check out my YouTube playlists for a selection of activation exercises and stretching tips to give some love to the areas of your body that you may have been neglecting.

And see my next post – 7 steps to come back from an injury – to learn the safe way get back into action.

Committed to your longevity,


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