video: common mistakes 01 – bad form

In General by Adam Friedman

Hey Athletes! Your coach Adam here with the first installment of my new Common Mistakes series – this one is dedicated to Bad Form.

I’ll go over why form is so important, what you can do to improve yours in general, and some specific examples of how to fix the bad form exercises I see most frequently.



In case you’d like to revisit anything, here are the times/links:

*Please note: they’ll open up to the video on YouTube in a new tab

Intro – 0:00

11 Cues – 1:49

Bad Form – Deadlifts – 7:21

Bad Form – Squats – 8:20

Bad Form – Lunges – 10:12

Bad Form – Shoulder Press – 12:05

Bad Form – Planks – 14:07

Bad Form – Dumbbell Chest Press – 15:29

Bad Form – Pull Ups – 16:58

Closer – 19:46

Thanks for checking out my guide to identifying bad form. I hope you found it helpful and can use these tips and techniques in your own practice.

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