Happy New Year!! 5-Step Fitness Action Plan for 2011

In General by Adam Friedman

Happy New Year!! Adam here, have you ever thought that you could be more fit now if only you had been following a structured plan to reach your goal? Are you tired of squandering opportunity after opportunity to get in the best shape of your life? If yes, then the time is now to move your fitness forward in 2011 with a Fitness Action Plan.

Now matter how big or small your vision is, your goals can best be accomplished with a clear-cut plan of action. It’s true that accidental success can happen, but why take that gamble with something so important to you?

If you don’t have an action plan, or have one and don’t follow it, you are throwing caution into the wind, and making a giant wish to have things turn out as you had hoped. But be forewarned; keep expectations on the low end of the spectrum in achieving your results. You may want to prepare for some disappointment and frustration when a couple weeks before a summer pool party, a competition, your wedding day, or any other event, you realize you are not in the shape you thought you would be in.

On the other hand, if you create a solid action plan now, it will put you in a great position to start your year off right, and be able to meet or exceed your desired results.

Create Amazing Results Through Implementation Of The Action Plan

*Please note that an action plan is not meant for anyone who is not good at implementation, because the ability to execute it is the only way an action plan will possibly work. An action plan is perfect for anyone who is excellent at self-guided implementation and desires amazing results with reaching their goals.

Structure Is What Is Missing For Most People With Their Health & Fitness

In my experience as a fitness and nutrition coach I’ve found that many people who are successful at implementing structure in their business and/or family have not been able to apply the same skill set as well with their own health & fitness. Do you fall into that category?

Creating structure is a skill set that has unlimited application to creating results. It was allows for a sense of stability and security that we inherently desire to feel fulfilled, but also so easily sabotage for a plethora of reasons that I don’t dare speculate on at this time. Unfortunately this happens most often with our health and fitness.

Structure starts with setting specific goals and objectives towards reaching your personal vision. Once you are clear on your goals, you are ready to lay out your plan of action. This whole process is about creating clarity and simple steps to follow for implementation.

5-Steps To Completing Your 2011 Fitness Action Plan

(in an outline form)

1. Define Your Fitness Mission & Goals – Define your Purpose, your “Why” for each of your long-term goals, its importance to you, and when they will be accomplished. What you will be, do, and have as a result of achieving those goals? Dedicate your mind to this one – It is one of the most valuable steps in achieving your goals because it is what you will refer back to time and time again to keep you focused on your commitment to yourself.

Example: I want to run a marathon in September, 2011 so that I can silence the voice in my head that tells me that I can’t. As a result I will have a previously unmet sense of accomplishment to boost my self-confidence, and self-esteem to take on other challenges. That confidence will also come as a result of my body looking lean, fit, and feeling healthy and energized again. This will help me in creating the relationship that I’ve always wanted. My achievement will also allow me to be an inspiration to those around me, especially with my family to take on their health.

2. List Your Tactics – These will be your short-term goals to make the long-term goal happen. With each tactic, define how that supports the long-term goal.

5 excellent Tactics to be the Foundation for your reaching your Health & Fitness Long-Term Goal(s) are: (These are not listed in order of importance)
– Sleep
– Exercise
– Nutrition
– Supplementation
– and Water.

Example: Follow Proper nutrition to stabilize my blood sugar, which will give me optimal energy levels, recovery, and fat loss to have a better training process, and overall better experience running a marathon.

3. Develop your Strategies – Your Strategies are what move your Tactic(s), and are limitless. Your strategies are what you use to nourish your tactic on a CONSISTENT basis to grow and develop over time. The Follow Through on these strategies is what creates momentum, and new lifestyle habits for a better you.

Example: In regards to my nutrition, I eat the correct ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fat each meal so that my body receives all the nutrients it needs to regenerate from my training, and aid the digestion process to stabilize my blood sugar.

4. Make a List of the tasks to meet the objectives of each strategy, and the necessary frequency of each of those tasks? The tasks are the actual actions that you will take on a daily and/or weekly basis to be successful with each strategy. These tasks may apply to more than one strategy.

Nutrition Examples:
1. Grocery shop twice each week to maintain an adequate supply and variety of high quality protein, carbs, and fat are available for consumption.
2. Prepare balanced lunches two days per week in advance to bring to work every day
3. Pack balanced snacks every day.
4. Weigh my portions using a food scale for each meal that I prepare.

5. Create your Schedule – Nowadays it’s easy to create a schedule, with reminder alarms if necessary, on our smart phones/personal computers. I suggest that you to take advantage of this valuable tool by scheduling tasks that can be allotted a time of day to be accomplished. Other tasks that don’t apply to a time of day can be checked off in your calendar to do list. Sundays or Monday mornings are excellent times to spend about 10-15 minutes plotting your weekly and daily tasks. Those times are also a good time to glance over your entire action plan to stay connected to what you are doing and why you are doing it.

I suggest that you to take out a piece of paper, and your calendar now so that you can take on your health and fitness with concrete steps towards a fit 2011. I’ve created an easy to download Fitness Action Plan Worksheet for you to personalize just for you.

Setting the time aside to breakdown the best strategies, and a structure to implement them into your schedule will set you up to win. It will initially require some dedicated research, forward thinking, a long-term commitment to execute your action plan, and perhaps a coach to teach you and hold you accountable along the way. I encourage that you do whatever it takes to attain the fulfillment you’ve been yearning for.

Getting your 2011 started off with a well-executed action plan will create the momentum it takes to be successful.

Best wishes for a healthier and more fit New Year!