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how to know if your nutrition is working for you: part 2

In General by Adam Friedman

According to the dictionary, an experiment allows you to:

  • Make a self-discovery
  • Test a science-based theory on your body and lifestyle
  • Prove a known fact’s relationship to you and your goal

Each of these possible outcomes stands out as an opportunity for you to move closer to having what you want. Because you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t so you can make the most of your time and effort.

And I want to help guide you.

We had started with “3 steps to get back your summer swag” and “how to know if your nutrition is working for you: part 1”. These messages provided you with the means to evaluate where you are in pursuit of what you want, versus where you think you might’ve been.

Now that this is clear, it’s time to get specific with what you want to test, prove, and discover with regards to your diet.

The first thing to note is, that when it comes to a nutritional intervention, it’s important that you only make one change at a time. Otherwise, you won’t know the true cause and effect.

This leaves you two choices as you launch your experiment:

1. You can start fresh with a new program. For example, you might choose to do an elimination diet (ED). An elimination diet is one for which you remove a host of influential food items (i.e. sugar, dairy, wheat) for a several weeks. Then reintroduce them one-at-a-time, for a few weeks, to see how your body responds.

Monitoring allergic or blood sugar responses are the most common areas of interest with an ED.

2. Or you can remove or add only one dietary factor, but continue to do everything else the way that you have been. For example, you might choose to remove all processed foods to see how that influences fat loss.

Regardless of which path you choose, with 3-4 weeks of precise monitoring, you should have enough information to notice a trend. You’ll have hard data that will tell you if you’re moving closer to or further away from what you want.

From there you can adjust or extend the timeframe of the test to further refine your results.

Whether you start with a new program or continue to do what you’re doing, all other lifestyle factors must remain the same.

That means it’s necessary to maintain a structure around your sleep, exercise, water, and supplementation. This is because any one of those factors can influence the outcome of your experiment.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be 100% of the time. Because that wouldn’t reflect real life circumstances.

So as long as you’re on-point 80% of the time, that will give enough validity to your experiment. It will also allow you to sustain any desirable results within your lifestyle.

I hope that this is making sense so far, and feels manageable to you. Because it’s important to me that you get your results.

In the upcoming message, I’ll provide you with the necessary steps to keeping a good journal. Because maintaining precise records will keep you honest and ensure dramatic improvements.

That’s how my clients and members continue to get explosive results. The opportunity is yours.

Committed to your progress,