Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics SARM Half-Kneeling Psoas Stretch 1.0 with Pillar Press

video: half kneeling psoas stretch 1.0 with pillar press

In General by Adam Friedman

Hi athletes! Now that you’re up to speed on the 6 ways to focus your efforts when you stretch (if you missed it, I encourage you to take the time to go back and read), I wanted to share this “Half-Kneeling Psoas Stretch” with you. This exercise is great for learning how to lengthen and relax a tight ilio-psoas (AKA your hip flexor).

Use this as a practice run for combining the principles you learned in the previous post and focus on maximizing your efforts with this stretch.


I hope you enjoyed this taste of SARM Module 2: The Lumbo-Pelvic Hip. If you enjoyed this stretch and are looking for further progressions I highly suggest you check out SARM Module 2 to get the full experience of learning how to improve your mobility and stability in your hips!

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