video: kettlebell basics – the 6 exercises to master

In General by Adam Friedman

I’m here with my latest video to give you a basic overview of working out with kettlebells.

I’ll go over some do’s and don’ts and demonstrate the 6 best basic kettlebell exercises that every beginner should refine before graduating to complex combinations and flows.

In case you’d like to revisit anything, here are the times/links:

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Intro 0:004:14

1-2 Hand Swing 4:2112:43

Swing Clean 12:4414:52

Swing Snatch 14:5318:07

Shoulder Press 18:0821:16

Goblet Squat 21:1725:09

Turkish GetUp 25:1032:29

Closing 32:3033:11

Thanks for checking out my guide to kettlebell basics!

Remember, the only way to be an Athlete For Life™ is by preventing injury and being committed and consistent. You can’t sustain your regular workouts if you get hurt so as always, I encourage you to challenge yourself, but to do so as safely as possible!

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