Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics Search and Rescue Mobility Program Lumbo Pelvic Hip Stretch

the missing x-factor for most athletes: search and rescue mobility (sarm)

In General by Adam Friedman

Since 1996, I’ve worked one-on-one with professional and Olympic athletes across disciplines.

As a sports performance coach, the experience allowed me to grow further in my craft than I could have ever imagined.

Over this time, I’ve learned the important things that all successful athletes have in common. And I want to share one of the most valuable lessons with you because I know it will help you to be better.

It’s the thing that I could provide to them that would have the biggest impact.

You might think that it was to help them perform better in their sport by improving the obvious qualities. Strength. Power. Speed. Quickness. Agility. Endurance. Balance. Coordination. And mental toughness.

Sure. Helping them to enhance these qualities is a high priority during our training time.

But where I was really able to make a difference, and what’s missing most from most athletes fitness programs, is something that upholds the potential of these qualities.

What all successful athletes have in common?

To improve and sustain their strength, power, speed, coordination, and more, the key factor that all successful athletes have is an ample foundation of mobility and stability. This is the x-factor.

Because without it, an athlete’s performance longevity is dependent on borrowed time. And no athlete wants to suffer from a premature decline in what they love doing most.

I’ve seen how deficiencies in mobility and stability show up as cracks in the armor. It’s the root of being vulnerable to injury. As such, I’ve seen the deterioration in performance and the premature ending to too many promising careers.

Unfortunately, deficiencies from repetitive stress and compensation are usually overlooked. This physical fact comes back to haunt many athletes. Because they don’t take the responsibility or initiative to take the right actions. Or they didn’t know what they didn’t know.

I could see it happening. And I knew that the decline could be avoided by taking a proactive approach to build their foundation of mobility and stability. And it’s a must for anyone who wants to be an Athlete For Life.

The biggest difference I can make is to help athletes learn how to help themselves. So that they can secure their foundation and prolong their playing career.

The way that I’ve done that is by providing my players with a daily self-care routine. One that helps correct imbalances. Asymmetries that would otherwise increase the chances of injury.

This routine also builds and reinforces the foundation of optimal mobility and stability.
It improves durability to help you become as bulletproof as possible. As an athlete, you can never have enough of that, because we all know sports can be abusive to the body.

I’ve spent the past several months working on a program that covers it all. And makes a meaningful difference for athletes of all ages and levels.

It’s called Search and Rescue Mobility (SARM). This program is a compilation of what I’ve learned over the past 28 years. With the guidance from top minds in physical therapy.

Now it’s available to you. So you can build the right daily habits that are the cornerstone to longevity.

What makes this program comprehensive, and different from what’s already out there, is that it’s assigned based on your results from a self-assessment screen. Because your routine is individualized, you’ll know that you’re taking care of your body in a way that’s right for YOU.

To get on the path to be an Athlete for Life, and stay there, get yours here.

And as always, stay athletic.

Your coach,