Mental Focus Training

In General by Adam Friedman

Do you want ultimate focus for training and competition?

Advanced Athletics maintains that the way you approach your performance enhancement training is relative to your likelihood to succeed. In the sports world there are many examples of how much desire one must possess in order to successfully advance in both physical and mental performance.


Take two athletes with like athletic ability and skill, both training for a competition. Athlete A has set very clear and specific achievable goals to focus on in training, has been very dedicated and disciplined with his workout and nutritional program, has established a strong self-awareness connection to his body and mind via meditation and visualization skills, and lives a well-balanced lifestyle. Athlete B, on the other hand, thought he might have a good shot at winning the competition, and worked hard in his training, but with no specific regimen. Every now and then Athlete B would skip a workout because he had too many things to do, or even an occasional hangover. But the possibility of winning kept him motivated to avoid fast food more than three times a week and desserts only after dinners on the weekends. It is apparent which athlete has the edge to win the competition. However, Athlete B really thinks that he is doing everything possible in his training to win. Although this is an extreme case, many athletes feel that they have exhausted all possibilities in training and are mentally prepared to win, without even researching performance technologies. The fact is that a balance between physical and mental training is really what makes champions! Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Lisa Leslie, and Stephani Victorall have it.close

Mental Training Process:

  • Goal projection
    • establishing clearly defined short and long-term goals, in areas ranging from personal performance in a game to overall success in a career.
  • Listing all Performance/Activity Components
    • Examine the performance components necessary to accomplish each goal.
  • Self-assessment
    • Perform a self-assessment for each component.
  • Establish Successful Habits
    • Discover all healthy habits that have excelled performance, and unhealthy behavior patterns that have hindered performance levels in the past. To discover both your positive and negative attributes is the starting point for reaching success.
  • Imagery & Visualization
    • Re-conceptualization and mental training techniques such as imagery, visualization. As you develop the ability to use both imagery and visualization techniques in preparation for stressful situations, the probability of success increases significantly.
  • Biofeedback
    • is a valuable self-awareness tool that can ultimately lead to better control of the body’s responses to stress.
  • Zone Breathing Exercises
    • This is a technique which is essential to reaching your peak performance. This may induce extraordinarily calm brain-wave activity through increased levels of oxygen into the brain and body, while focusing on the task of breathing, being “in the moment”, and letting go of any preoccupations your mind. Resulting slow brain waves may allow you to enter a zone- state, which will allow greater focusing power in both your thought process and dealing with tasks. The Zone is a mental state where a person no longer feels the effects of stress and pressure. This is the hallmark of composure – enabling you to make the best possible decisions under any given circumstances. Once achieved, the possibilities are limitless.

Get Started

Programs are available to anyone that has the desire, the dedication, the time, the means, and the willingness to follow through with our system. Because the process in the beginning involves a period of experimenting with the best way approach with new clientele, we ask for a minimum verbal agreement to complete the first phase of training (up to 8 consistent weeks).

Advanced Athletics Services are as follows:
Assessment and/or Consultation in-office (90 min) $150
All other service prices below are discussed during the consultation/assessment session.
  • Strength & Conditioning @ Gold’s Gym Venice (hourly)
  • Strength & Conditioning @ Gold’s Gym Venice (90 min)
  • Strength & Conditioning @ Gold’s Gym Venice (30 min)
  • Strength & Conditioning @ Outdoor Location (75 min)
  • Strength & Conditioning @ home/on-location (75 min)
  • Partner Training is available at time and a half.
  • Manual Therapy in-office (hourly)
  • Manual Therapy @ home/on-location (hourly)
  • Program Consultation in-office/by phone (hourly)
  • V02 Cardiovascular Assessment
  • Sports Mental Coaching in-office/by phone




  • All sessions are paid in advance.
  • All training session packages expire three months from the date of purchase.
  • All manual therapy packages expire six months from the date of purchase.
  • All cancellations require a 24 hours, otherwise the session is counted against the package at the full rate.
  • Training Time Holdings are 25% of session rate per day while traveling.