Mix it up and get more ENERGY!

In General by Adam Friedman

As a nutritionist in Venice, I see many clients who do cardiovascular exercise so they can eat and drink whatever they want and continue to look good. But what if you learned you could be wasting energy and it wasn’t going to change how you looked?!

You see, some people make the mistake of thinking “doing” the same type of cardio day after day without variation is enough. However, this doesn’t give the body a chance to improve conditioning and reach a higher level of fitness. The cardiovascular system, like our muscular system, grows stronger when it is trained intensely with variation. Using a variety of exercise choices (also known as “cross-training,”) is essential to achieve long-lasting results because it stimulates our body to work harder by having to constantly adapt to a different stimulus. A stronger cardiovascular system means that our body will utilize oxygen, remove metabolic waste more efficiently, and therefore we will have more energy.

Dancing is a great way to add variety!

So if you are serious about getting fit, you must “train” not “do” cardiovascular exercise at least three days per week with interval training workouts with one at high intensity, such as: biking, swimming, stair stepping, jump roping, kickboxing, rowing, and dance classes (Zumba, Salsa, Hip hop and Swing!) and the other at moderate intensity.

So, remember the simple formula…Mix it up to get more energy! And more energy always makes the body look and feel good…I’ll see you on the dance floor!