Isometric Stretch for lower back in 30-60 seconds!

In General by Adam Friedman

Does your lower back hurt you at different times of the day? As a personal trainer in Venice, I constantly meet people of all ages who are suffering from lower back pain.

If this describes you, your body may be telling you that it’s time to do some Isometric stretching of the hip flexors (Ilio-psoas). Anyone with lower back issues should do this quick and simple stretch and you don’t need a lot of time – just a minute or two for each leg. At the office, no worries…carve out a minute in your busy day and grab a chair. At home, a broom stick works easily or in the gym, foam rollers work great too!

The hip flexors tend to pull down and give a tilt in the hips which can tend to stress out the lumbar spine and create lower back pain and unnecessary stress on the body more then most people realize.

Easy to do:
Rotate out back foot, firmly press down on stick or roller, hold for 30 sec while pressing down on the stick and do a pelvic tilt, contract your glutes and hold for another 30-60 seconds.

This stretch will also activate the abdominals to avoid any lumbar extension. This is an excellent stretch and a must for anyone with low back issues.

So no more excuses… since you can do this stretch anywhere in the morning or evening!