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taking the high road to pain

In General by Adam Friedman

Ever since I participated in sports as a kid, aches and pains have been a recurring theme.

Back then, I didn’t understand why, or what I could do about it.

No doubt most athletes can likely relate to this story.

Are you one of them?

For me, it was something I grew to accept as my fate as a result of having a genetically small frame with “fragile” joints.

But over time, I realized that there was a positive side.

Being vulnerable to injury had taught me many valuable lessons on how to manage a fallible frame.

Those lessons helped me to take ownership of my body. As a result, I can achieve better performance and longevity as an athlete. And so can you.

The first lesson I learned seems obvious, but your ego may be a little too adept at tuning it out.

Stop when you notice pain

Before you do more damage that is avoidable, lay off.

Don’t buy into the false sense of invincibility that your warrior mindset wants you to believe. It’s that strong influence that tells you to ignore pain…until you no longer can.

I’ve made this mistake far too many times and paid the unwanted price.

What could have been a few days of recovery, ended up being weeks of regret.

Finally, I wised up and started taking the high road to my pain.

So now, at the first pain signal, I give it immediate attention and care.

When it’s subtle, I pause to do some self-myofascial release and stretching to remove tension at the area.

But if it’s more serious, I’ll stop for a few days of icing, and if need be…get a medical evaluation.

This is what it looks like to put aside your ego and do the right thing.

It’s all a test of how much you want to be an athlete for life…or a pretend superhero in a fading moment.

Applying lessons like this have been my saving grace.

I can now pursue my athletic aspirations with enthusiasm and confidence. And perform uninhibited in competition with faith in my body instead of fear of harm.

I want you to join me with that peace of mind and freedom in your body.

That’s why I’m sharing my wisdom with you. So that you can learn how to make your body work better for your longevity.

Get started by visiting my YouTube Channel. You’ll discover the proactive exercises that have made a significant difference for me and my clients.

Your coach,