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why you need to confront the path of least resistance

In General by Adam Friedman

To have performance longevity, you must confront one of your body’s natural tendencies.

That its tendency is to take the path of least resistance (P.O.L.R.).

And this is a vulnerability that can lead to no good, and catches up to everyone sooner or later.

It sneaks up in subtle ways. At first in your early thirties, there’s a little body stiffness here, an ache there, and so on.

But then…it blindsides you.

Most aging athletes experience low back pain, a tweaked knee or a cranky shoulder. And this often leads to the downward spiral that lands you on the sidelines feeling dejected 🙁

To change that fate, read on.

P.O.L.R. Lesson

To start, I want you to learn how it is that your body is a self-preservation organism.

This means that it’s hardwired to run primitive software that aids in your survival…in the worst of conditions.

And this automation puts you on a path to use the least amount of the finite resources available to your cells.

Conserving energy makes sense for your long-term existence. But, it can also steer your athleticism off course in the process.

That’s because this automation has one task. And that’s to react in accordance to the environment.

That means it doesn’t cater to your fitness goals.

It doesn’t verify that you’re using the correct functional movements.

It doesn’t check to see if all the right muscles are onboard.

And it doesn’t care, in any way, to massage your ego with a superior performance.

All that is your responsibility.

P.O.L.R. Express

We know now that your body’s autopilot program wants to get from point A to point B with the least effort.

The perfect combination is when you have optimal mobility, stability, and strength. This promotes the continuity for your autopilot to take the path to peak performance.

Your express bus ride is then efficient and effective.

But if there are any restrictions or weaknesses, that bus will take detours…for as long as those conditions exist. These side roads aren’t made for that kind of heavy use, and will degrade with time.

That’s the effect when your body compensates for stiffness, pain, or injury. And those dysfunctional movement patterns and muscle recruitment lead to more breakdown and injury.

P.O.L.R. Opposite

So you must be vigilant against your body’s natural tendency to take the path of least resistance.

To do so, you need to maintain your foundation with mastery of the fundamentals. This is the only athletic platform on which to safely build strength. And sustain it for the rest of your athletic life.

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